Home Support Worker Pilot For Seniors

The Home Support Worker Pilot is a cost effective way to remain in your home and receive quality care and companionship.

Senior-Woman-Being-Served-Meal-By-Carer-000017455975_FullThe Home Support Worker Pilot is a great option for most families. The Caregiver can live in or live out of the home with the senior or family and provides personal care, companionship, supervision, light housework, laundry and nutritious meals.

Care is available 24 hours a day / 7 days per week.                                                                          

The hours of employment are 30- 44 hours per week and the program is very affordable and provides a constant companion in the home. The Caregiver will be responsible for the hours that are most needed and is entitled to two days off  per week. We can assist with a part time relief Caregiver for these days if needed,

Majority of the Caregivers for this program are from overseas. Selection and processing time is approximately one year. The Caregivers from overseas must be bondable, meet the English language and education requirements set by the Canadian government. The Caregiver must have work experience in the field they are applying and may have additional education and certificates for the field they are applying for. Example:  nursing, health care aid, caregiver training etc.

There is an opportunity to employ an overseas applicant that is already in Canada on a work visa and seeking a new employer.

We provide information on the Caregiver and their experience. If selecting from overseas, you are welcome to visit our office to view profiles on the candidates available.

Days Off: 2 days per week ( consecutive)
Hours: 30-44 hours per week. Overtime required for hours exceeding 44 hours.
Salary: Will be quoted by Niagara Caregivers – follows Ontario Provincial Minimum Wage
Vacation: 2 weeks paid vacation per year or 4% gross salary per year
Statutory Holidays: 9 days per year (Ontario)
Health Insurance: Employer is responsible for health insurance for the first three months of employment. The employee will apply for OHIP upon arrival.
WSIB: Employer is required to register
Payroll Taxes: The employer is required to deduct CPP, EI and Income Tax from the gross wage and submit the taxes to Canada Revenue Agency.